Can you elaborate?

Often when you are looking to understand and tell a story, you look close to home, which is what I did for my first exploration into the minds of Europeans, in terms of what they think and feel in regards to being exactly that. With a deadline approaching and the initial interview idea delayed, I was chatting to my brother, who was busy trying to get a date. I figured he’d actually do very well for my first interview. He’s a young and healthy Danish man, 28 years of age. “Can I interview you”? I asked, and the reply was “I’m trying to get with the ladiiiesss”. Good start. He did agree however (maybe he’s not having much luck with the other endeavour…).

“What do you think of being European”? – “What do I think of being European… well I think it can be counted on one hand, how many times I’ve actually thought about that, this is one of them (…) but I guess I identify more as a Scandinavian, than a European. Being European, I guess, doesn’t mean anything in particular to me”. “I don’t see the EU as being some sort of overarching thing that means anything to me on a daily basis (…) I guess, in terms of trade issues it does make some sense, but I don’t think this isn’t something we couldn’t have, even if the EU didn’t exist”.

I figured, since he works in agriculture, he’d have some opinion on how the EU impacts for instance farming, at home in Denmark. So I asked about whether he had thoughts on that. He replied “yes”. Me: “okay, can you elaborate perhaps?”. Him: “Yes, tomorrow”. Little brother fashion. The day after, his reply came in: “I don’t necessarily think that the EU benefits farming in Denmark. Overall, I think there are too many regulations, and I don’t support that. I don’t like farmers being dictated by EU regulations, it goes against my ideals”.

I asked for a photo as well. “Can we do that later?”. Luckily, I have plenty in stock.