I don’t think anyone will ever say “I am European”

Do I feel as a European? Hmm… Due to my upbringing I consider myself pretty international…

European… That’s mostly viewed as whites living in the West. I have no particular likeness for it.. or dislikeness… it’s just there. There are a lot of things in the Dutch culture I identify with due to the upbringing of my parents. Even though I lived in many places I consider myself very Dutch.

The European Union was obviously constituted for financial advantage. And protection. I don’t think anyone will ever say I am European over saying: “I am Dutch, I am German, I am English, I am Spanish.” No. Because we are not talking about places like in the States, where there are many more similarities between one state and the next. We are talking about countries that speak a different language and have very different customs, very different values, very different… everything really. Yes, they can work together and everybody as a whole can use it as a win-win situation. But I don’t see anyone calling themselves European over their own nationality.

Did I disappoint you?