A sense of community

“First of all, I wouldn’t say that I feel fully European. But this is a changing factor for me as I feel my connections to Denmark and Austria respectively, have always been strong and present (Naasu has a father from Austria and a mother from Greenland). However I do feel a sense of community throughout Europe, in terms of our shared history. We have a history of being with one another, as well as being against one another, but I still feel a sense of security in being European today. I might say I feel safe as a European.”
That sense of a European community was especially evident for Naasu while spending time in Bali. “A bunch of us were gathered, a mix of nationalities, Europeans who were primarily Scandinavian alongside a handful of Americans. Even though we were all there together I was aware of a form of muted consensus among the Europeans to “stick together” on days where the Americans, for instance, wanted to do stuff on their own. I found that sense of community so interesting in something as mundane as just… you know…. hanging out with your friends.”

(Thanks to Rikke Kruse for being the extended interviewing arm in Copenhagen, for this one!).