You have to get along with your neighbours

Why I put up the flag? Because I want people to see that I am with the European idea.
There are so many people out there who are currently against everything and are constantly yelling their opinion into the world. People who are with Europe, but rather quiet about it, should get a voice as well.

In the end you have to get along with your neighbours, in our case with our fellow Europeans. And no one knows if this form of Europe will prevail. We have to keep developing it further. But nevertheless you have to come to terms with people around you. We have to find a way to make this work together. If you cannot do this within Europe, how are you gonna do that on a worldwide scale?
And of course the Americans and the Chinese are against Europe. These are huge countries with more than 500 million inhabitants each. Of course they would prefer to deal with European countries individually. What do you think will happen if a country like Poland would exist alone on the global economic market? China wouldn’t even invite them to talk about economic cooperation.