A Europe with an open mindset and approach towards the rest of the world

“I would like to say that I don’t believe in the idea of Europe or borders or nations or states if, in effect, that would mean that there’d be no conflicts or wars. However I think that’s a romantic interpretation of the world and its people, so therefor I do also like the idea ‘Europe’. A Europe not closing its borders but with an open mindset and approach towards the rest of the world .

The idea of a joint European community appeals to me for two main reasons. One; the opportunity of working towards a strong Europe in the sense of our climate policies and a common reception system for asylum seekers coming to Europe. Agreed there is a long way to go in terms of both issues but I’ve always believed that Europe can only grow stronger if we share on both challenges and successes. Having said that I do not by any means imagine a fortress Europe where Europe grows at the expense of other regions and countries. I wish for Europe to be interactive with other parts of the world and in terms of trade, I hope to see a more fair market competition with regards to the way in which Europe subsidizes its agricultural sectors, often at the expense of for example many African countries. Secondly the European institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights, which rules on the European Convention on Human Rights is in my opinion a safeguard against individual European countries nationalist, racist and discriminating agendas. It has proven to be so in many cases concerning for example immigration law and family reunification issues for asylum seekers in Denmark.

In sum, however broad terms, ‘Europe’ to me has the opportunity to be security, justice and development for all people living in or interacting with Europe”.

Talking to Chamila Sten in Copenhagen.