Europe is my Home

Europe is my home. I have lived in four different European countries for a longer period of time and each of these countries is very close to my heart. In one I was born, in a second one I gave birth to my child, the third one is where my father lives and the fourth one is where my man comes from. I feel a little bit at home in each of them. That is why I consider myself European. It means having all those ties and relations, it means not having to choose one country over another. When I was born, there was still the Iron Curtain and Berlin was divided in two. My daughter cannot wrap her head around the fact, that her parents lived on the opposite sides of the wall, one in Eastern Europe, the other one in the West. I am happy that the borders are not there anymore, my life would have looked very different now. I know that the pressure on Europe nowadays is enormous and there are many who would prefer to close rather then open the borders. But I hope we will remember that to include is always better than to exclude.

Patricia, currently living in Copenhagen.