What really scares me is islamophobia

I think Europe has currently a lot of things to deal with. And now there is Trump, and you never know what you will get. Right around the corner there is Erdogan and Putin. So I think the work up there has become quite difficult. And it does scare you a bit… Luckily the Austrians have someone reasonably normal now. But in Italy and France…

But what really scares me is islamophobia. I am not religious myself, but this scares me. Not only the people who are against Islam scare me, but also people who are with Islam and talk about it.

I actually know a lot of people who live Islam in a beautiful way. So beautifully, that if they would try to explain to other religions how they do that, I am sure they would be greeted with open arms. But these people don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it because they want to live their religion for themselves. And this is how it should be. You should do it for yourself. They are of the opinion, that what they do within their four walls is no ones business. They think: “I respect everyone, so I expect everyone to respect me.” And often they meet people who openly talk about Islam and don’t have such a positive attitude. And of course they don’t want to talk with them about it.

But I personally wish for these people to step out of the shadow, omit these rules that they have erected and just talk about how Islam can be lived in a beautiful way. That there are more versions than the media let’s us believe. That woman for example do not necessarily have to be veiled, that its totally ok without all that. This would be the start for a better version of living together. When these people would say: “All this Salafism bullshit is non-sense. There is a different kind of Islam in Europe as well.”

I am telling you! There is. There are a lot of them!