Marie Groth Kruse

Coming from a diverse educational background, in both political science, with specializations in international relations and migration & human rights from the University of Copenhagen, Marie also holds a recent M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Freie Universität in Berlin, and studied Documentary Media Studies at The New School in New York.

Since 2009 she has worked professionally on migration and trafficking issues, and more broadly with those subjects, in the context of the issue of conflict and human rights, through research, among other. Some of the same issues are also those that have propelled the creative and visually focused side of her profile, but which also spans broader than that. Having previously also worked for CPH:DOX, she founded her own production company ROZA FILM, in 2012, where rights issues and social change propelled the documentary ideas. She has also engaged in several personal photography projects.

Marie is especially interested in cross media and hybrid forms of exploring long form storytelling. Working with film and photography is both personal, sensitive, engaging and reflective, and she tries to work from a place of truth and is inspired largely by emotions, mood, art and change, with an urge to document and record, not only her own life, but the lives of others and what surrounds us as well.

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Anne Chahine

Anne Chahine is a practice-based researcher and documentary filmmaker and holds a M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berlin.
She is interested in the multivocal nature of memory, history and heritage and its effect on the individual as well as society in a broader sense. Anne has worked in the fields of media installation and theatre production since 2004 and founded her own business, Pixelmarie, as the sole proprietor.

Her short documentaries Beirut in Two Words (2014 | 29min | Lebanon) and Looking for Mr. Right Now (2015 | 15min | Germany) were invited to various film festivals, such as the Society for Visual and Media Anthropology Film Media Festival, USA – 2016, NAFA Filmfest Bergen, Norway – 2016, Ethnocineca Vienna, Austria – 2015 and Lebanese Film Festival Australia – 2014.

Within the field of visual anthropology, she uses visual media to describe and analyse culture and as a way of constructing knowledge. Anne’s main goal in her professional life is to make research visible and accessible to a broad audience; inside and outside of academia.

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